Clean up at Irwin Creek in Brightwalk yields art

On May 7th, McColl Center for Visual Art will be hosting Synthesis, a silent auction and exhibition of the works created during Central Piedmont Community College’s Sculpture + Intercepting the  Waste Stream course. The curriculum for this course was developed by McColl Center for Visual Art’s Artplace America Environmental Artist-in-Residence, Aurora Robson, and was implemented by her and instructor Ashley Knight.  For Martin Luther King Day, all of the students in the course participated in a stream clean-up of Irwin Creek in the Brightwalk neighborhood with community members. After collecting three flatbeds full of debris, students sorted and cleaned materials to use for their sculptures. Throughout the semester Aurora and her assistant, Marina Litvinskaya, taught students various techniques for using plastics, metal, and glass in their work as well as the ways in which plastics and other waste are having an impact on our environment. The course culminates with their exhibition and silent auction which the students titled Synthesis. It will be held May 7th from 6-9pm at the Double Oaks Masonic Outreach Center. All of the proceeds from their work will go towards a neighborhood stewardship group to promote continued conservation efforts in Irwin Creek. For many students this is their first time exhibiting and selling their artwork, and gives them a glimpse into how to be financially sustainable as an artist as well as environmentally sustainable in their art practice. There will be 24 works on sale, and the event is free but we do ask people to pre-register at this link.

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