BIKE! Charlotte

Dan SimeoneHappenings

Do YOU have a bicycle hanging in the garage? The weather is beginning to warm up so better time to “air up” the tires and check out the fun filled seventeen-day event scheduled May 1 through May 17 in the Queen City called BIKE! Charlotte. The Charlotte Department of Transportation Bicycle Program and Charlotte Sports Cycling are teaming to promote over two weeks of exciting adventures for two-wheel enthusiasts of all abilities and skill level.

BIKE! Charlotte is a multi-day celebration created to inspire families, friends and colleagues to break out the bicycle and integrate it into their daily routine. Whether used for transportation and/or recreation, the bicycle is an efficient, nonpolluting mode of travel that provides great health benefits and just plain fun to ride.

The theme for the fourteenth annual event, “Riding for a Better Community”, was used to encourage the citizens of Charlotte to incorporate the bicycle in their life. Incorporating the bike in your life can be as simple as a short trip to the bank, a stroll to the grocery store or even the post office. Our goal with BIKE! Charlotte is to empower, educate and encourage the populace that integrating the bicycle in your life can be a very simple process and is quite rewarding.

Many of the exciting two-wheel activities and promotions organized during BIKE! Charlotte are free to the general public and are designed for cycling enthusiast of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re new to cycling, an avid rider or simply an enthusiast that has a bike hanging in the garage, it’s time to break out the bike and “air up” the tires, because there’s an event for you during BIKE! Charlotte. A detailed list of BIKE! Charlotte events is located at on the events page.