Let it snow … but I could do without the ice

Dan SimeoneHappenings

Get ready! The first snow storm for Charlotte is upon us. Snow is one thing, but ice is another. Downed trees, hazardous driving conditions and power outages all add to the dangerous conditions. Here are few tips to follow to prepare for a power outage:

– Stock up on essentials. Having these items already in your home will help with both severe storm preparations and unexpected blackouts. Keep these items in a designated “emergency supply kit” for easy access.

– Stock your home with several flashlights and the corresponding batteries. Flashlights are always the safer choice since candles pose the risk of accidental fires when emergency services may already be overwhelmed.
– Purchase a battery-powered radio. When access to television isn’t possible, invest in a battery-powered radio to stay alert of any evacuation orders or status updates on the power outage.
– Buy a car charger for your cell phone. Since many Americans rely on cellphones in lieu of a corded landline phone, it is important to keep your cell fully charged.