Pocket park at Brightwalk

Dan SimeoneHappenings

The next artists who will be in Charlotte as part of the McColl Center for Art + Innovation Environmental Artist in Residency program are the Wowhaus. Wowhaus is making the pocket park at Brightwalk into “Scuppernong Commons” (in short an arbor of scuppernong grapes with a plaza for people to gather and meet, as well as a weather station to track how weather has affected the harvests).

The Wowhaus rural studio, located just sixty miles north of San Francisco near California’s wild Sonoma Coast, is an ongoing, land-based experiment in innovation born of rural domesticity.
Founded in 1997, Wowhaus is a trans-disciplinary art and design team whose work spans public art, strategic planning, design and architecture. A collaboration between Scott Constable and Ene Osteraas-Constable, Wowhaus explores the common denominators of everyday life, the central question of how things, places and relationships acquire meaning. We embrace a systems-based, community-engaged approach, finding inspiration in the cultural, historical and ecological factors that shape a sense of place. Our projects connect individuals and communities to their current ecological and societal realities, aiming to strengthen the mutually beneficial potential of each.

Wowhaus is in Charlotte from February 9-March 20. Watch Brightwalk grow and look for our updates.