Brightwalk Charlotte


Brightwalk and the re-development of Double Oaks are supported by numerous community partners including the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County Parks & Recreation, the Arts & Science Council Charlotte Center City Partners and McColl Center for Art + Innovation.

The City of Charlotte has partnered with the Housing Partnership in its efforts to revitalize Statesville Avenue, and the city has provided vital funding for purchase and infrastructure development of Double Oaks, commercial buildings and residences in the area. The City will be reimbursed over time for through increased property tax revenue. Additional financial support has been lent by NeighborWorks®, the Z Smith Reynolds Foundation, and the Wachovia Foundation.

The Housing Partnership and its planning team worked closely with Parks & Recreation on plans for the restoration of Anita Stroud Park as well as the transformation of Double Oaks Park. They are also working on plans for the new Double Oaks Regional Pool Complex.

One of the most creative partnerships at Brightwalk is with McColl Center for Art + Innovation, which has developed an Environmental Art Master Plan for the neighborhood. The goal is to creative innovative solutions for restoring and preserving natural resources, all while enhancing visual appeal. Each of the several installations will include community-building initiatives, mentor programs, stewardship building activities and celebration days.

“Brightwalk is a demonstration site – a laboratory of sorts, showcasing the power and potential of what can happen when thoughtful leaders, mission-driven organizations and invested residents come together. Charlotte Mecklenburg Housing Partnership has paid strict attention to detail to create the best product for the communities it serves. Brightwalk is a microcosm of what Charlotte aspires to be demonstrating how spaces and residential neighborhoods can be transformed into innovative, vibrant social places, full of curiosity and learning. This unique model with its successes and challenges will serve as a not only a local model for creative placemaking, but also a national model.”

Lisa Hoffman
McColl Center for Visual Art

Brightwalk Charlotte