Tips to staying warm in frigid temperatures

With the temperature in Charlotte expected to dip down into the single digits tonight, and not make it out of the 20s tomorrow, it’s time to get smart about going outside. Here are six tips to keep the chill out:

Wear layers. Insulating yourself against the wind and other elements is key, so create a layered barrier instead of a single bulk.

Add a hat. About 50 percent of body heat is lost from an uncovered head when the temperatures hit the freezing mark.

Don’t forget your gloves. Keeping hands and feet warm is key in the cold temperatures since your body will shunt blood away from extremities to keep your internal organs warm.

Avoid heavy cottons that sop up sweat. These will make you wetter and colder. Stick with wool and polyester fabrics.

Consider a face mask or scarf to keep your face covered in frigid temperatures.

And don’t forget to bring dogs and cats inside tonight!

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